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Death Claims Paid Last Year $ 14,150.00

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Total Dues Collected Since Organization 245,072.50

Cash Balance December 31, 1948 28,796.00





VOL. 1950 XIV

Containing an Alphabetical Directory of Business Concerns and Private

Citizens, a Directory of Householders, Occupants of Office

Buildings and Other Business Places, Including a

Complete Street and Avenue Guide; also a


and a Complete

Classified Business Directory




PRICE WrTyllt' $25.00

HDl DIRECTORY CO., Inc., Publishers

207 Governor St., Richmond 6, Ya.


Member Association of North American Directory Publishers

Copyright, 1950, by Hill Diradery C«.. lac

Section 28, Copyrig:ht Law In Force July 7, 1909

That any person vho wilfully and for profit shall infringe any copyright secured by this act, or who shall knowingly or wilfully aid or abet such infringement, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof shall be punished by imprisonment for not exceeding one year, or by a fine of not less than one hundred dollars nor more than one thousand dollars, or both, in the discretion of the court.


The information in this Directory is gathered by an actual canvass and is compiled in % way to insure mavimnm accuracy.

The publishers cannot and do not guarantee the cor- rectness of all information furnished them nor the complete absence of errors or omissions, hence no responsibility for same can be or is assumed.

The publishers earnestly- request the bringing to their attention of any inaccuracy so that it may be corrected in the next edition of the directory.

Hill Directory Co.. Inc, Publishers



HILL DIRECTORY CO., Inc., publishers of Southeastern Direc- tories, present to subscribers and the general public, this, the 1950 edi- tion of the Wilson City Directory

Confidence ,in the growth of Wilson's industry, population and wealth, and in the advancement of its civic and social activities, will be maintained as sections of this Directory are consulted, for the Directory is a mirror truly reflecting Wilson to the world.

The enviable position occupied by HILL'S Directories in the esti- mation of the public, has been established by rendering the best in Di- rectory service. With an unrivaled organization, and having had the cour- teous and hearty cooperation of the business and professional men and residents, the publishers feel that the result of their labors will meet with the approval of every user, and that the Wilson Directory will fulfill its mission as a source of authentic information pertaining to the city.

Four Major Departments (Each department beginning with Page 1) The four major departments are arranged in the following order:

I. THE ALPHABETICAL LIST OF NAMES of residents and busi- ness and professional concerns is the first major department, printed on white paper. This is the only record in existence that aims to show the name, marital status, occupation and address of each adult resident of Wilson, and the name, official personnel, nature and address of each firm and corporation in the city.

n. THE BUYERS' GUIDE, the second major department, printed on goldenrod paper, contains the advertisements of leading manufacturing, business and professional interests of Wilson. The advertisements are ■indexed under headings descriptive of the business represented. This is reference advertising at its best, and merits a survey by all buyers eager to familiarize themselves with sources of supply. In a progressive com- munity like Wilson, the necessity of having this kind of information im- mediately available, is obvious. General appreciation of this fact is evi- denced by the many reference users of this City Directory service.

ni. THE CLASSIFIED BUSINESS DIRECTORY is the third major department, printed on yellow paper. This department lists the names of all business and professional concerns in alphabetical order under appro- priate headings. This feature constitutes an invaluable and indispensable catalog of the numerous interests of the community. The Directory is the common intermediary between buyer and seller. As such it plays an important part in the daily activities of the commercial and professional world. More buyers and sellers meet through the Classified Business Directory than through any other medium.

IV. THE DIRECTORY OF HOUSEHOLDERS, INCLUDING STREET AND AVENUE GUIDE, on pink paper, is the fourth major department. In this section the names of the streets are arranged in alphabetical order; the numbers of the residences and business concerns are arranged in numerical order under the name of each street, and the names of the



householders and concerns are placed opposite the numbers. The names of the intersecting streets appear at their respective crossing points on each street. Special features of this section are the designation of tenant- owned homes and the designation of homes and places of business having telephones.

Municipal Publicity

The Directory reflects the achievements and ambitions of the city, depicting in unbiased terms what it has to offer as a place of residence, as a business location, as a manufacturing site and as an educational cen- ter. To broadcast this information, the publishers have placed copies of this issue of the Directory in Directory Libraries, where they are read- ily available for free public reference, and serve as perpetual and reli- able advertisements of Wilson.

The Wilson Directory Library

Through the courtesy of the publishers of the Wilson City Direc- tory, a Directory Library is maintained in the offices of the Wilson Cham- ber of Commerce, for free reference by the general public. This is one of more than 600 Directory Libraries installed in the chief cities of the U. S. and Canada by members of the Association of North American Di- rectory Publishers, under whose supervision the system is operated.

The publishers appreciatively acknowledge the recognition by those progressive business and professional men who have demonstrated their confidence in the City Directory as an advertising medium, with assur- ance that it will bring a commensurate return.

HILL DIRECTORY CO., Inc., Ptiblishers.




Abbott Fred S Construction Co ieft bottom lines and 22

Agnew & Barnes Right top lines and 64

Allied Block Co Left bottom lines and 17

Anderson, Deans & Woodard Inc Front cover and 42

Andy's Anderson Sundry Co 26

Arrow Exterminators Inc Left bottom lines and 55

Atlantic Building & Loan Assn Right side lines and 18

B-K Sales & Service Inc Right bottom lines and 28

Baltzegar Jas W Left side lines and 21

Barnes Engineering Co Right side lines and 23

Barnes Geo H Tin Shop

Ribbon book mark, left bottom lines and 65

Barnes Motor & Parts Co Inc Right side lines and 2

Barnhill's Drug Store 26

Batts Body and Paint Shop Left side lines and 2

Beland Roy F. Back cover, right top lines and 57

Belk-Tyler Co Left top lines and 26

Bissette's Drug Stores Right bottom lines and 27

Blackwood Associate Store Right bottom lines and 5

Blair's Shoe Repair 67

Blair's Shoe Store , 67

Boykin Jiles R 68

Boykin Matthew I Jr Right bottom lines and 22

Branch Banking & Trust Co Front cover, left top lines and 10

Bridgers Electric Service Right side lines and 30

Brown Oil Co Inc Front cover, left bottom lines and 54

Bruton Coal Co Right side lines and 20

Carolina Laundry & Cleaners Inc Left side lines and 48

Carolina Office Equipment Co. . .Front cover, left side lines and 53

Churchwell's Inc 46

Coastal Dairy Products Inc Left center lines and 41

Colonial Ice Ca 40

Cooley Horace Motors Xeft top lines and 5

Corbett Motor Co 9

Crowe Roger L Left top lines and 60

Daniel Roofing Supplies Inc Left bottom lines and 66

Darden Memorial Funeral Home Right side lines and 36

Dick's Electrical Co Right top lines and 31

Dixie Radio Service Left side lines and 61

Dixie Supply Co Right side lines and 14

Dutch Lunch 64

Eastern Auto Supply Co Right side lines and 6

Eastern Motor Sales Inc Left side lines and 3

Edwards Funeral Home 38

Efird's Department Store Front cover and 25

Electric Motor Service Left top lines and 28

Ellis J B & Co 32

Etheridge M D Plumbing & Heating

Left and right side lines and 58




Exclusive Cleaners 19

Five Points Plant Nursery & Florist Left center lines and 52

Foster's Taxi Cab Service Right side lines and 67

Gardner's Dairy Products Right top lines and 23

Gem Rock Wool Insulating Co Inc ieft side lines and 41

Gray Concrete Pipe Co Inc Left center lines and 21

Gregory Sign Service 67

Guaranty Exterminating Co The .Right top lines and 31

Hackney-Wiggins Motor Co Left top lines and 6

High's Inc Left bottom lines and 60

Home Builders Supply Co

Back cover, left side lines and 15

Hotel Cherry Right top lines and Z

Hunt Funeral Home Back cover, right top lines and C

Hussey Oil Co Inc Right center lines and 34

Ideal Dry Cleaners Left bottom lines and 18

Independent Ice & Fuel Co Back cover, 20 and 40

Jefferson Bottled Gas & Electric Appliance Co 37

Joyner Piano Co Back cover and 56

Joyner's Funeral Home Back cover and 34

Joyner's Memorial Co Front cover, right bottom lines and 51

Lamm Bruce Left side lines and 19

Leftwich Studio 56

Lew's-Brothers Tire Co Right center lines and 7

Liles-Mallison Co ' Right top lines and 37

Linville's Inc Right bottom lines, 9 and 17

Lovelace Motor Co Inc Right bottom lines and 7

M & J Restaurant 64

Marietta Paint & Color Co Left center lines and 55

Merchants Delivery Service Left bottom lines and 24

Moss Bicycle Shop 13

Mutual Benefit Health & Accident Assn

Right side lines and 44

National Bank of Wilson

Front cover, right center lines and 11

National Insurance Agency Inc Right side lines and 43

Oettinger's The Dependable Store 24

Paramount Cleaners 27

Pat's Texaco Service Station Right center lines and 8

Peoples Hardware Co Right bottom lines and 38

Perry R A 44

Phillips Hearing Aid Service 39

Quinn R E & Co of Wilson Inc JUght side lines and A

Radio Station WGTM Right center lines and 61

Rainbow Restaurant Right top lines and 63

Raines & Cox Right center lines and 56

Raines Insurance Agency 46

Red Bird Cab Inc Right center lines and 68

Sandifer-Batts Pontiac Co Left center lines and 8

Service Welding & Machine Shop Right top lines and 49

Smith R L Paint Shop Back cover and 4

Smith's Transfer 52

Southern Dairies Inc Left top lines and 24

Southern Realty & Insurance Co Inc Right center lines "^nd 14

Starr The Florist Bottom stencil and 33

Stephenson Millwork Co Left bottom lines and 50

Thomas -Yelverton Co Front cover and 35

Towe Insurance Service 46

Townsend R E & Co Back cover, 45 and 62

Tudor's Florist Top stencil, left top lines and Y

United Benefit Life Insurance Co Right side lines and 44

Vaughn's Credit Jewelers 47




Walker Electric Co Inc 30

Webb's Wilson Shoe Store Y

Whitley's Electric & Neon Service Left center lines and 29

Wiggins W M & Co Right center lines and 59

Wilkins and Wilkins. . , Right side lines and 13

Williams Lumber Co Front stencil, right side lines and 16

Wilson Air Service & Sales Inc 2

Wilson Auto Sales Right bottom lines and 9

Wilson Board of Realtors 62

Wilson Bottling Co Right center lines and 13

Wilson Credit Bureau Inc Left center lines and 49

Wilson Daily Times The X

Wilson Electric Co Inc Left side lines and 63

Wilson Floral Co Left top lines and 32

Wilson Hardware Co Jlight bottom lines and 38

Wilson Ice ft Coal Co Left bottom lines, 19 and 39

Wilson Industrial Bank Backbone and 12

Wilson Insurance & Realty Co Inc Right side lines and 45

Wilson Iron Works Left bottom lines and 50

Wilson Sheet Metal Works Left center lines and 66

Winstead Coal Co Left side lines and 20

Woodall L C ; . . . . Left center lines and 36

Young Calvin F fe Co Back cover and B



(Courtesy Wilson Chamber of Commerce)

Statistical Review

Form of Government City manager-aldermanic.

Population— 1940 U. S. Census, 19,234; 1949 estimate, 24,000. American-born, 97cy6. Predominating nationalities of foreign-born resi- dents: Greek, Syrian and Albanian.

Area 6.71 square miles.

Altitude 145 feet above sea level.

Climate Average annual temperatvire, 60.8 degrees F.; average annual rainfall, 48.1 inches.

Parks 5 public.

Assessed Valuation— $24,759,479 (1948).

Bonded Debt— $3,651,000.

Financial Data 3 banks, with total deposits of $105,467,819.80 (Dec. 31, 1948).

Postal Receipts^$158,700.93 (calendar year 1948).

Churches 18, representing 10 denominations.

Industry Chief industries of city and surrounding territory:. Agriculture, manufacturing and lumbering. 42 manufacturing establish- ments, employing 5,225 men and 3,360 women, and paying wages of $7,900,000 annually (last report). Principal manufactured products : Wagons, bus bodies, fertilizer, cotton yarns, cottonseed hulls and oils, bakery products, dairy products, fixtures, veneers, feeds, lumber pro- ducts, plush materials and tents, shirts, women's blouses, concrete pipe and blocks.

Trade Area Retail area has radius of 40 miles, and population of 280,000; wholesale area, radius of 100 miles, and population of 1,650,000

Newspapers 1 daily (Wilson Daily Times).

Radio Stations— WGTM (5,000 watts); WGTM-FM (10,000 watts); WVOT (1,000 watts).

Hotels 2 principal, with total of 300 rooms.

Railroads 2: Atlantic Coast Line and Norfolk Southern.

Highways U. S. 246 and 301; State 42 and 58.

Amusements Largest auditorium in city (high school) seats 1,400 persons. 5 moving-picture theatres, with total seating capacity of 3,175 persons. 1 goU course (18 holes). 3 swimming pools.

Hospitals 5, with total of 409 beds.

Education Atlantic Christian College. 7 public schools, includ- ing 1 senior high. 1 parochial school. Number of pupils in public schools, 4,900; teachers, 156

City Statistics Total street mileage, 76, with 46 miles paved. Miles of gas mains, 25; sewers, 70. Number of water meters, 4,275; Light meters, 8,603; gas meters, 1,662. Capacity of water works (municipal), 3,000,000 gallons; daily average pumpage, 1,500,000 gallons; miles of mains, 47; value of electric, gas and water plant, $3,011,000. Fire depart- ment has 40 men, with 1 station and 5 pieces of motor equipment. Value of fire department property $115,000. Police department has 26 men,

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Charles L. Coon High School, a Unit of Wilson's Efficient School System

Atlantic Christian College, Center- of Advanced Learning



The City of Beautiful Trees

\Mlson is known as "The City of Beautiful Trees," and though there are many residence streets in the city with a variety of lovely trees, Nash Street is considered the most beautiful, with Park Avenue deserving special recognition. Over a period of years several geographic and pic- torial magazines have written special articles and given particular refer- ence to Nash Street, and have designated it as one of the seven most beau- tiful residential streets in the world. To the students of nature, and espec- ially to those who admire beautiful trees, Nash Street is a real attraction. It offers an assortment of trees as follows: Pecan, birch, magnolia, wal- nut, umbrella, liveoak, cypress, hickory, pine, dogwood and willow oak. On spacious lawns in front of beautiful homes, these trees are found grow- ing amid numerous kinds of shrubbery and many-colored flowers.


Wlsqn is a religious town, yet it is not over-churched. There are eighteen churches, with the following denominations represented: Mis- sionary Baptist, Freewill Baptist, Pentecost Holiness, Methodist, Pres- byterian, Episcopal, Lutheran, Christian, Catholic and Jewish. The Sal- vation Army conducts a mission in Wilson.


Wilson has two modern hotels, with a total of 300 rooms, modern tourist homes, several boarding houses, numerous good apartment houses, and excellent auto courts.


Wilson has four indoor theatres for white people and one for Ne-

Representative Wilson Church, in the Religipus Center of Eastern North Carolina


groes, each being well-equipped, and with a combined seating capacity of 3,175. Also there is an outdoor theatre.


The Wilson Daily Times was established in 1902 and covers Wil- son County and Wilson's trading territory.

Zion's Landmark, the organ of the Primitive Baptist Church, was started in 1867, and is issued semi-monthly.

Radio Station

Wilson is the home of Radio Station WGTM (World's Greatest To- bacco Market). The station operates on a frequency of 1,340 kilocycles. The studios, which are located on U. S. 301 about one mile north of Wilson, have the latest radio equipment. The station has made definite contribu- tions to the civic and social welfare of the city and county. Wilson also is the home of WGTM-FM, at present the most powerful FM station in eastern North Carolina. It operates on 96.9 on your FM dial. Wilson also is the homeof WVOT (1,000 watts), which has been outstanding in its con- tributions to civic betterment.


Although Wilson and Wilson County are considered exceptionably favorable from a health standpoint, Wilson has four hospitals, each of brick construction, equipped with the most mortem facilities. By reason of their equipment, efficiency and service, these hospitals have gained a splendid reputation and are serving a large area in and around Wilsoni

Aside from these hospitalB, Wilson has a private clinic and a num- ber of skilled physicians who are contributing factors to the hospitals and medical field of the city.

The Eastern North Carolina Sanatorium, for many years a dream, has been established and is operating on the outskirts of Wilson. A 200- room hospital, it furnishes adequate facilities for the treatment of tuber- culosis. Patients in this hospital come from all sections of eastern North Carolina to receive treatment. This institution has furnished much to the medical interest of the state at large.


Wilson is proud of its organizations and clubs. Work in civic, fraternal and patriotic organizations and social clubs is spirited and in- tense. The civic and social welfare of the community and the county is ever before each organization, and the contributions of these groups have been manifold. The Rotary, Kiwanis and Lions clubs, the Business and Professional Women's Club, the Woman's Club, the Junior Woman's Club, the American Legion, the Amvets, the VFW Post, the Wilson Exchange Club, the Wilson Civitan Club and the Wilson Junior Chamber of Com- merce have centered their activities on projects thatwill benefit the com- munity and, at the same time, aid substantially in national unity. All or- ganizations in Wilson cooperate wholeheartedly with the Wilson Chamber of Commerce in its work of coordinating civic activities and interest throughout the city and the county.


Wilson is well supplied with recreation facilities. These include a $76,000 stadium, withaseating capacity of 3,500, in which both baseball and football can be played. Recreation Park, covering several acres, con-



Bists of a baseball diamond, swimming pool, two tennis courts, a diamond for day and night Softball, and playground equipment for children. The City also has four other parks. There is a beautiful country club located three miles from the city limits. In addition to an attractive clubhouse, which is used for banquets and dances, the Country Club has a splendid eighteen-hole golf course, and a Swimming pool. The city has a full-time recreation director and a recreation commission.

Camp Charles, a Boy Scout camp serving eastern North Carolina, is located fourteen miles east of Wilson. The Wilson Boy Scout Council was responsible for the building of this fine. camp. It covers about 73 acres, with lake, large mess hall, craft shop and cabins. Under -privileg- ed girls also make use of the camp each summer.


M 1921 the Department of Literature of the Woman's Club estab- lished a free public library in Wilson. Since 1935 the library has been sponsored by the Town and County and is free to all the people in same. The Town and County have constructed one of the most complete library buildings in the state, at a cost of approximately $75,000. It is a most up-to-date building in every respect and houses some 15,000 volumes.

Municipal Building

All executive and administrative offices of the Town of Wilson are centered in the Municipal Building, constructed in 1940 at a cost of $127,000. This centralization aids inefficient and economic city govern- ment.


Wilson is governed by a mayor, a city-manager, and a:bdard of

Municipal Stadium, Center cA Athletic Activity



aldermen composed of six men, one from each ward, elected to hold of- fice for two years.

Wilson Cotton Market

TOlson is one of the leading cotton markets of eastern North Caro- lina, with sales aggregating between ten and twelve thousand bales per year. The county is served by 26 cotton gins. The largest domestic and foreign importers and exporters of cotton are represented on the Wilson market.

Outstanding Records in Trade

In 1945, Wilson was first in eastern North Carolina, fifth in North Carolina, and 114th in the entire nation in wholesale sales, while it was second in eastern Carolina and 14th in North Carolina in the matter of ■retail sales.

In the matter of gross farm dollars, Wilson County, of which Wil- son is an integral part, was third in eastern North Carolina, fourth in North Carolina, and 59th in the whole nation.

These figures, released by Sales Management in its "Survey of Buying Power," show that business in Wilson outside of its Industry is "on the ball."

With arf active Chamber of Commerce and a fine Retail Merchants' Division of this Chamber of Commerce . Wilson is slowly making great strides in the wholesale and retail field.

In 1946 alone, Wilson added some 21 new businesses to its pay- rolls and retail and wholesale power.

In the matter of the wholesale sales for 1944 and 1945, according to Sales Management, Wilson had only such larger cities as Charlotte, Greensboro, Winston-Salem and Durham, in that order, above it in the

Perry Co mo Singing at a Tobacco "Tamasha' (Indian for "Social Gathering") at Wilson



Cotton Field in Wilson County, Making Wilson a Cotton Center of the South

Recreation Park; Full Facilities for Fun are Found Here


matter of wholesale sales, whlchtotaled, in Wilson, for 1945, $78,196,000. It is interesting to note that the four cities which outsold Wilson in North Carolina in wholesale sales in 1945 were between two and five times larger in population than this city.

Wilson has a retail trading area of 40 miles radius in which live some 280,000 persons, while it has a wholesale trading area of 100 miles radius' in which live some 1,650,000 persons, or approximately half the entire population of North Carolina.

Wilson's effective buying income for 1945, again according to the 1945 "Survey of Buying Power" of Sales Management, was $38,824,000.

Wilson welcomes more wholesalers and retailers.

Wilson's Future

It is pointed out by many that M^lson has a bright future, due to Its ideal location, transportation facilities and agricultural and natural resources, all of which are important factors in attracting new industries. It would appear that Wilson is in position for industrial development, and many manufacturers are considering Wilson as a distributing center for their products, as eastern North Carolina can be so well served from this point. Many traveling men make Wilson headquarters on account of the convenience of working in and out of the city in serving eastern North Carolina. As the "King of Tobacco," Wilson may some day be engaged in the manufacture of many tobacco products. The people of Wilson are thinking interms of expansion and commercial development and are most optimistic a^to their city's future.

Wilson Chamber of Commerce

The Wilson Chamber of Commerce is recognized as one of the outstanding trade associations in eastern North Carolina. During the past ten years it has been a contrijauting factor to the progress of Wilson and Wilson County. In addition to promoting such activities as trade events, industry, agriculture, conventions, tourists and advertising, it has promoted the North Carolina Tobacco Tamasha (Indian for "Social Gathering"), which is one of the largest celebrations of its kind in the South. This festival has received nation-wide publicity in the leading newspapers and magazine publications, as well as the newsreels.

The Wilson Chamber of Commerce also serves as a clearing- house and general bureau of information. Headquarters for the Chamber are located in the lobby of the Cherry Hotel.



acct accountsnt

adj adjuater

admn . . . adminlatrator or administration

adT advertising

agcy agency

agrl ..... agriculture

agt agent

al alley

Am American

appr apprentice

apts apartments

archt architect

asmblr assembler

assoc associate

asst assistant

atndt attendant

atty attorney

aud auditor

ar avenue

bgemn . . . baggageman bkbndr . . . bookbinder

bkpr bookkeeper

bldr builder

Mk block

blkamlth . . . blacksmith birmkr . . . bollermaker

blvd boulevard

bmo. business machine operator

br brandi

brklyr brtcklayer

brkmn ..... brakeman

bur bureau

CSP Christian

Science Practitioner cabtmkr . cabinetmaker

carp carpenter

cash cashier

chauf chauffeur

chem chemist or


chf chief

chkr checker

cir circle

civ civil

elk clerk

cln. .cleaning or cleaner

clo clothing

collr collector

coml commercial

comn commission

comnr . . . commissioner

comp compositor

condr conductor

confr .... confectioner constn .... construction

contr contractor

cor corner

corres . . correspondent

ct court

custdn custodian

ctr cutter

del delivery

dep deputy

dletn dietitian

dir director

dlspr dispatcher

dist district

distr distributor

dlv division

dlr dealer

dmnstr . . demonstrator

do ditto or same

dr drive

drftsmn draftsman

drsmkr .... dressmaker

e or E East

educ education

elec electrical or


electn electrician

electro . . . electrotyper

elev elevator

emp employee

eng engineer

engr engraver

equip equipment

es east side

exam examiner

exch exchange

exp express

fcty factory

fdry foundry

Fed Federal

fl floor

fnshr finisher

formn foreman

forwn forewoman

frt freight

ft foot

ftr fitter

Turn furniture

furngs . . . furnishings

gdnr gardener

gds goods

genl general

geol geologist

govt government

gro grocer

h householder

htg heating

lidw hardware

hlpr helper

hndlr handler

hosp hospital

hq headquarters

hsekpr housekeeper

htg heating

Hts Heists

Implts .... Implements

Ins Insurance

Insp Inspector or


Instr Instructor

Int dec Interior

decorator Int rev. Internal revenue

Inv Investment

jan janitor

Jwlr jeweler

kpr keeper

la lane

lab laborer

laby laboratory

Ibr lumber

llbrn librarian

lino linotype

Utho lithographer

Indrs laundress

Indry laundry

ltd limited

Iwyr lawyer

mach machinist or


mdse merchandise

mech mechanic

or mechanical

med medical

Met Metropolitan

meter rdr . meter reader

mfg .... manufacturing mfr .... manufacturer

mgr manager

mkr maker

mkt market

mldr . , molder

mlnr milliner

mn man

mono monotype

msngr messenger

mstr master

mtce .... maintenance

mtge mortgage

mtr.motorman or motor

mus music

mut mutual

n or N North

Natl National

ne northeast

ns nortsh side

nw northwest

ofc office

opp opposite

opr operator

optn optician

optom .... optometrist

osteo osteopath

PS Public School

pass passenger

pharm .... pharmacist photog . . photographer

phys physician

pk park

pkr packer

pkwy parkway

pi place

plmb plumber or


plshr polisher

plstr plasterer

pntr painter

pres president

prfrdr .... proofreader

prin principal

prlv private

prntr printer

prod produce

prof professor

prsfdr . . press feeder

prsmn pressman

prsr presser

ntrnmkr . . patternmaker

pub public

publ .... publl^er or publishing

purch purchasing

r resides or rooms

K room

RC ~ . . Roman Catholic RD ... Rural Delivery

rd road

rdp reader

rMl est .... real estate

rec receiving

recpt .... receptionist

refgr . . refrigeration or


rep .... representative

repr repairman or


restr restaurant

ret retail

Rev Reverend

rm room


Railway Mall Service

s or S South

san sanitary

Sav Savings

sch school

se southeast

sec secretary

serv service

ship shipping

3ht mtl sheet metal

sis sales

smstrs .... seamstress

soc society

solr solicitor

spl special

sq square

srtr sorter

ss . ^ south side

sta station

sta eng

. . stationary engineer

Stat . . . statistician or


sten stenographer

stereo .... stereotyper

stge storage

stmftr .... steamfltter

str setter

studt student

stvdr stevedore

sup supply

supt .... superintendent

supvr supervisor

sw southwest

swtchmn . . switchman

sys system

tchr teacher

tech technician

tel telephone

teleg telegraph

telev television

ter terrace

tmkpr timekeeper

tndr tender

tob tobacco

trans . . . transportation

trav traveling

trnmn trainman

treas treasurer

trmr trimmer

tstr tester

twp township

typ typist


USAF...US Air Force USCG ^

U S Coast Guard


US Marine Corps


undwrtr . . underwriter

Unlv University

uphol upliolsterer